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Pick my brain! Want to learn more about design thinking, social entrepreneurship, product design, or a combination of my areas of expertise? Book a call and I'd love to chat with you.


Strategy can also be baked into your design package. One of my favorite parts of working with companies and entrepreneurs is diving deep into your mission and vision to make sure your digital products are going above and beyond to accomplish your goals and engage your customers. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet - most of my clients don’t. I’ll work with you to provide no-nonsense advice on the usability of your product and strategize the best solutions to your most complex problems.



As a UX designer, I create flow charts, wireframes, and prototypes to define the best, cleanest, most efficient user flow for your digital product.

As a UI designer, I then apply your brand identity alongside other visual elements to bring your platform to life and make it an engaging, enjoyable experience for your users.



Your brand is a vital first impression for new customers and a familiar face for existing ones to return to. I create a full visual brand and identity for use across your platform and once I’m done you’ll have full ownership of the elements to use in marketing materials, pitch decks, and across the rest of your business.



Need more than just design? If you don’t have an engineer on your team or simply want to keep your entire platform development in one, streamlined workflow, I’ll handle your front-end development. I am proficient in Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Webflow, and Wordpress and will provide end-to-end services by building and launching your platform on the site builder of your choice.



In an ideal world, I design your website and you never have to touch it again. In reality, your business grows and evolves and your website has to keep up. In order to keep your site as current as your company, I offer multiple options for ongoing design and maintenance of sites I’ve designed and/or developed.

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I do my best to address the unique needs of every company I work with by providing an individualized combination of the above services, so I do not offer standard packages. Please contact me to schedule a (free!) intro call so we can evaluate together what services you need and I will create a custom package for you.

Custom packages start at $2,500

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Or send me an email (feel free to include pics of your dog):

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