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Ariana Shives surfing

     Hi again! I'm Ariana, a social entrepreneur and product designer with a BA in neuroscience and an MS in social entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. I love design thinking and UX and aspire to spend my days making the world a teeny bit better.

     In past lives, I was a researcher, project manager, and operations manager. I studied gratitude and the brain, and helped tech startups develop and implement processes.

     I have always searched for ways to harness my inherent empathy into projects that better the world around me. I began by studying neuroscience, hoping to contribute to scientific advances that would change lives. During undergrad, I discovered a talent for research but a lack of the human interaction I need to thrive. I found my way to social entrepreneurship through USC's MSSE program and began to form an image of a fulfilling and rewarding career focused on making the world a better place. I spent two years working in project and operations management getting a better feel for business and gaining valuable experience before founding Ariana Shives Design.

     I am passionate about people, strategy, equity, and Taylor Swift and on the weekends can be found exploring the outdoors with my dogs, Taz and Butters, or curled up with a good book. I have been described as fearless and feisty - I am a fierce, gritty, and relentlessly positive believer in changing the world through hard work, kindness, collaboration, and beautiful design.

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Or send me an email (feel free to include pics of your dog):

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